Thursday, July 21, 2011

Classification of Projects

 Classification of Projects

  • Based on Technological Characteristics
  • Low Tech – using existing, well established technology - buildings
  • Medium Tech – using mostly established with new technology – new appliances, advance building technology components
  • High Tech – using recently developed new technologies in a new combination – defense industries, new computers
  • Super High Tech – using highly advance technology, that may not exist on commencement, and will require research – moon landing 

  • Based on Scope Characteristics

    • Level 1 – Assembly of components into a single unit – computer monitor
    • Level 2 – complex collection of interactive elements and subsystems within a single project – computer workstation, or radar system
    • Level 3 – array of related projects designed to accomplish a broad goal – national telecommunication system

 Catergories of Projects

Project TYPES



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